Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

October 14, 2008: Regular Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the regular board meeting to order at 7:04 PM followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call.

PRESENT: Mayor Maciol, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz, Trustee McCoy and Trustee Semeniak


Mr. & Mrs. Pacini - 210 Comenale Crescent, feel that because taxpayer dollars paid for the Americ report, it should be released to the public.  Mayor explained that under 50-A of the Civil Rights Law and opinion AO-16260 from the Commission on Open Government, it cannot be released.

Trustee Bialek stated that he disagrees with the Attorney's opinion on the release of the report.

Trustee Semeniak stated that the option of retiring by Chief Frankland was the best choice for all.

Chester Kupiec of 21 Burr Ave complained about a traffic ticket that his sister was given in July of 2007.  Mayor will look into same.  He also had questions for the Codes Department about a fence.  Mayor will have Dave Neary contact him.


Prior to accepting the abstract, Resolution 97-2008 - there was a motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee Bialek to approve change order #2 from the Ocuto Paving Project in the amount of $1,884.05 and to authorize the Mayor to sign the change order.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to accept Abstract #5 with the addition of the Ocuto bill in the amount of $79,956.05 to the abstract for a total for the General vouchers A245-A299 in the amount of $166,973.57, and a total for the Library vouchers L044-L056 in the amount of $ 5,297.64 for a total of $172,271.21.

Check numbers for September; general fund 11961-12033, payroll 7325-7390.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to accept the September Treasurer's report as presented.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to approve the minutes from the September 9th regular board meeting.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to approve the minutes from the September 11th, September 23rd and October 6th, special board meetings.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by trustee Jarosz to approve the minutes from the September 30th special board meeting.


Recreation - Trustee McCoy reported that most of next summer's concert schedule is complete.  He, Trustee Jarosz, and Supt Cotrupe should do a walkthrough of the park's to finish up the maintenance work.  Holiday on Main Street meeting on October 21st at 6 PM.

Police - Sgt. Soja reported things are going well with the department since he has been over-seeing its operation since mid August.  Reported that traffic grants are complete and vouchers have been submitted to the state for re-imbursement.  He also reported that the village has been awarded a $21,000 grant for the acquisition of a License Plate Reader (LPR) by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.  Trustee Bialek requests Sgt. Soja to review the computer equipment and then meet with him to see what is needed.

Motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee Bialek to accept the August written report.

Motion by Trustee McCoy and a second by Trustee Semeniak to accept the September written report.

Highway - Trustee Jarosz reported a major repair on the recycling trailer along with the garbage truck needing new tires to pass inspection.  Trustee Bialek commented on how well the recycling trailer has held up. 

Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee Bialek to accept the Highway report.

Fire Department -Trustee Bialek reports that he has proposed an amount of $125,112 to the Tow of New Hartford for the 2009 year compared to our current amount of $121,470.

Trustee Bialek, Trustee Semeniak and Chief Glenn have been working on the budget and emergency call reports that the Town of Whitestown has requested from the four villages.  Trustee Bialek does not like the form's format that Whitestown provide because it is a simple form for a complex issue.  This matter will be discussed in detail at tomorrow's Council of Villages Meeting.

Trustee Bialek also reports that Chief Glenn's new computer has been installed.  It will handle the reports and key entry system.  The old computer still is usable and Trustee Bialek will be reviewing which village Department can use it.

Code Enforcement - Dave reports he spoke with Nelson Associates regarding the Sitrin project and he has referred them to the Planning Board.

He, along with the Police has been working on a Pleasant Street residence that has an animal complaint.

The Oriskany Manufacturing building permit for the foundation phase of the project has been issued.  Dave inquired as to if a SPEDIES Permit has been used.  Village Attorney will look into this.

Dave also requests the use of a surplus portable radio for his safety.  Sgt. Soja will look into their inventory.

Motion by Trustee McCoy and a second by Trustee Jarosz to approve the Codes report.

Mayor thanked Dave for his help with the DEC Audit.

Engineer - Al answered a question on the Paving Change Order by Mr. Pacini.  Motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee Semeniak to approve the report.

Attorney - nothing.


NYMFD Ladies Aux Request - Resolution 99-2008 - Motion by trustee Bialek and a second by trustee Jarosz to approve the request of the Ladies Aux to use the facilities on October 30th and November 1st.

Part Time Police Resignation - Resolution 100-2008 -Motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee McCoy to accept the resignation of part time police officer Mark Sojda effective September 30, 2008.

November Board Meeting - Reminder that due to the Veteran's Day Holiday the November board meeting will be held on Wednesday November 12th.

NYRI Budget Request - Mayor explained the letter requesting a minimum $5,000 contribution from all the Towns and Villages for the NYRI Powerline fight.  The request was by C.A.R.I. (Communities Against Regional Interconnect).  Mohawk Valley EDGE is acting as the managing agent for C.A.R.I.  All of the Board clearly opposes the NYRI project and is willing to support the cause financially, but do have some questions.

Trustee Semeniak wants to know where did the amount of $5,000 come from? What formula was used?

Trustee Bialek wants to know what other communities are paying and is it based on how much of their community is affected.

Mayor will write to Steve DiMeo immediately.

Schedule Public Hearing - to spend a portion of the Main Street Reserve account to pay for improvements.  Trustee Semeniak wanted to inform the board that the Main Street account may need to be tapped for this project.  Trustee Bialek want to wait until the budget year gets closer to an end before going to this account.  After discussion the Board wants to not use this account at this time.  When Trustee Semeniak does an analysis after the New Year, the board will make a decision.  Ocuto to be paid out of the General Fund for now.

Delinquent Taxes to County - Resolution 101-2008 - Trustee Bialek made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy for approval for the Clerk to send the delinquent taxes to the county for collection:

                                    Town of New Hartford                      $ 12,120.42

                                    Town of Whitestown                          $ 21,523.37

                                                            Total                           $ 33,643.69

Newsletter Articles - have to Clerk by December 1st.

Police Chief Vacancy - Mayor Maciol again advised the board that he called for the Chief's list from Civil Service to be canvassed.  Nothing has yet come back from Civil Service.  Once something does, the Mayor will notify the board and will schedule a workshop.  Trustee Semeniak questioned the authority of the Mayor to call for a list without board authority.  Mayor stated he has called for several lists and never needed board authority then - why is this different.  Trustee Semeniak suggests not filling the Chief's position to save money.  Mayor advises that section 58 / 1-C of the Civil Service law states we must have a Chief, but to answer a question by Trustee Bialek, there is no time line to fill it.  Mayor reported there are six people on the list.  Trustee Semeniak questions their supervisory experience.  Trustee Jarosz suggests using a work session to discuss this further.

Fire Department Requests - Resolution 102-2008 - Motion by Trustee Bialek and a second by Trustee Semeniak to approve a building use request by the Red Knights NY-2 of the Mohawk Valley on October 16th.

Resolution 103-2008 - Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee Jarosz to approve the probationary membership of Brandy Hawver.

Johnson Controls Preliminary Site Evaluation - Chris Kalwara did a presentation on the preliminary evaluation and provided the board with information on the next step.  Trustee Semeniak requests that a future work session be scheduled to discuss the future possibilities of this project.  Date for the workshop not yet determined.

PBA Contract - Resolution 104-2008 - On a motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee Semeniak, the final draft of the PBA contract is approved and the Mayor is authorized to sign it.  No member opposed.


Sitrin Project - Village Attorney is still awaiting the final draft of the formal purchase offer.  The Mayor was authorized to sign it at a previous meeting.  The updated appraisal was completed and the parcel to be purchase is valued at $17,000.  The offer the village accepted from Sitrin was for $20,000.

NYRI Update - Mayor advised everyone that the local hearings will be held at MVCC on October 22nd at 1 pm and again at 6 pm. Mayor will be formally testifying at the hearing.  Trustees are also encouraged to participate.

Burrstone Road School Traffic Control - Mayor announced that DOT has agreed to replace, at no cost to the village, both school warning signals on Burrstone Road.  The school will be paying the yearly maintenance fees.  Letter on file with the Clerk.

Sewer Update - Al and Mayor Maciol will be meeting with Supt Cleveland next week to expand on last year's sewer sealing project with New Hartford.  It was a very successful project for both communities.


Mayor Maciol announced the resignation of Wanda Miller from the Library Board. Resolution 105-2008 - The written resignation was accepted on a motion by Trustee Bialek and a second by Trustee McCoy.  Mayor will send an official thank you to her.

Retirement party for Roger Cleveland is 5 pm on October 30th at Valentino's.


Trustee Bialek - currently looking into upgrading or replacing the Office Assistant's computer to link it to the Clerk's.  He also questioned why the recent Clinton Street railroad work didn't include track work at the crossing.  Bill will write to them again.  He also mentioned pavement separation at the bridge.  John Meagher will notify the appropriate town officials for us.

Trustee Jarosz - looking into new weather stripping for the Fire Department overhead doors.  Concerned about the high electric bill at the 9-11 Memorial fountain.  He also needs to go into executive session on a personnel matter.

Trustee McCoy - nothing

Trustee Semeniak - nothing

At 8:59 pm Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to enter into executive session on a personnel matter.

Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee McCoy to close executive session at 9:19 pm and to re-open the regular meeting with no action taken in executive session.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to adjourn the regular meeting.

Mayor Maciol adjourned the regular meeting at 9:10 PM.

Minutes taken by Mayor Maciol (Clerk on vacation).